With the launch of the iPhone 12 comes the fun of getting accessories to dress it up and keep it protected.

An iPhone accessory company known for innovative products, Smartfish is never short on great names and the Dancing Queen ($30) is the leader of the pack. It’s described as a multi-tasker, with storage space for ID, cash and credit cards, an adjustable neck/shoulder strap and removable wristlet. The Gripzilla ($20) is Smartfish’s king of phone cases. Built to withstand daily abuse, it allows wireless charging and has cushioned corners. Sticking the new Sidecar ($15) wallet to the outside of most smartphone cases adds storage for credit cards, cash and even a key. It’s reusable with a 3M adhesive. (smartish.com)

ZAGG’s Glass Elite VisionGuard ($50) is the strongest protector made, according to ZAGG, with antimicrobial technology and a blue light filter. ZAGG’s Gear4 case also protects against odor-causing bacteria and degradation from microorganisms. (zagg.com)

The Pelican Protector case with Micropel ($40) is aimed at first responders with its military-spec protection. The case has a rigid outer shell with a shock-absorbing rubber lining. It will easily take on stairs, sidewalks and everywhere else a phone may accidentally tumble. (pelican.com)