The storm cloud above the Gophers men’s basketball team grew this week when it suspended Kevin Dorsey, Nate Mason and Dupree McBrayer for the remainder of the season.

The three were benched on Sunday for the Gophers’ 84-71 loss at Illinois. Two days earlier, a sex video appeared on the social media accounts of Dorsey. Earlier in the month, Carlos Morris was dismissed from the team, and don’t forget the Gophers started Big Ten play 0-13.

Some fans are growing weary with the program and coach Richard Pitino, and some are showing grace:

“I think [the program] is in trouble. It needs some work. I heard the news lately about one person being suspended two weeks ago and now three more suspended the rest of the year. It’s sad. They need to revamp the program — change all the way around — and this could be an opportunity.”
— Megan Steel, Minnesota alum

“There are just so many question marks, right now. Before the suspension, I felt like [Pitino] still deserved another year or two with his recruiting class coming in. But with the suspensions piling on top of everything else, if he doesn’t do something special next year I think he’s gone.”
— Bryan Walters, first-year season-ticket holder 

“I think a lot of it is not in his control, too. People make mistakes. It is the players he brings in, but I don’t think it’s his fault when they make mistakes. I’m not in the position where you fire a coach every two years. Give a guy a chance. Three years is a lot of time, but at least two or three more years to see what he does.”
— Rob Lubenow, first-year season-ticket holder

“It doesn’t make it enjoyable to go to games when we don’t win. And it doesn’t make our university look presentable. The individuals that are representing our school badly don’t represent the majority of individuals that go to the university.”
— Nicole Radzius, Minnesota student 

“They need more discipline.”
— Morgan Buss, Minnesota student