Political gossip will be welcome Saturday. Campaigning? Not so much.

This Saturday leaders from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor, Republican, Independence and Green parties will get together not to fight but to party at the 7th Annual Nonpartisan Party at DFL Chair Brian Melendez's Minneapolis House.

Since the folks raising a glass with each other normally raise each other's hackles the hosts set out some ground rules for attendees:

  1. The party is a private event, hosted by individuals and not by political parties, organizations, or titles. Everyone who cares about local politics, regardless of partisan affiliation (or lack of affiliation), is welcome.
  2. No agenda or program.
  3. No handouts, leaflets, or other propaganda. It’s a party, ya know?
  4. The party is mostly in honor of volunteer activists. Publicly elected officers are more than welcome. So are candidates for those offices. But nobody gets a soapbox or a formal introduction.
  5. No campaigning allowed. (Gossip and speculation are okay.)
  6. No speeches!

The news of the party was sent out nearly simultaneously by the DFL and GOP parties.

In explaining the event, the invite said: "Politics would be much more civil, and perhaps focused more on issues and less on personalities, if there were more opportunities for building relationships and friendships among volunteers across party lines."

Hmm, has anyone seen Minnesota politics get more civil in the seven years since they starting partying together? Maybe they just need more parties.


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