#TheDress took over Twitter this week with Hollywood stars, athletes and politicians all weighing in on the great dress debate.

British clothing retailer Roman Originals confirmed on Friday that the dress that drove millions of people crazy around the world is in fact blueand black, tweeting: "We should know!"

"We sold out within an hour and we've just managed to get more stock on," Ian Johnson, Roman Original's creative manager, told Mashable. "I don't have accurate numbers yet but we normally stock at least 300 of every item."

While the color conundrum exploded on social media on Thursday, the U.K. firm were all sleeping. "We went to bed and woke to chaos," Johnson said. "We first heard about it from tweets on our iPads at four in the morning. Not since Black Friday have we seen sales like this," he added.

The company had been thinking ofdoing a gold and white version as it does come in other colors, butannounced on Saturday that itwill make only one and then auction the dress off for the U.K. charity, Comic Relief.

We're making a gold and white dress! But only one for a Comic Relief charity auction <3 #TheDress #whiteandgold http://t.co/TGqmO8lW75

— Roman Originals (@romanoriginals) February 28, 2015

Johnsonsaid that it is not the first time there has been disagreementover the color of their designs. "We haven't seen debate about color like this before. We normally just get the usual customer service questions."

Justin Bieber,Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres,Zach Braff, Julia Louis-DreyfussandAnna Kendrickare among the stars who tookto Twitter to express their support for either #whiteandgold or #blackandblue.

The dress iscurrently soldin 140 Roman Originals stores in the U.K. oronline and a new batch is expected next week. The retail price is $77 (50British pounds).

We can confirm #TheDress is blue and black! We should know! http://t.co/qAeIIHzJxk pic.twitter.com/kkxjUbmgI3 — Roman Originals (@romanoriginals) February 27, 2015

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