The Traeger Pro 575 is a luxury grilling/smoking experience.

It starts quickly, has good temperature control and wireless control.

Its biggest con is that it’s a bit expensive.

The Pro 575 is part of Traeger’s new line of smokers with upgraded technology.

Traeger’s grills and smokers don’t burn charcoal or wood logs. They burn pressed wood pellets made from hardwoods and sawdust.

The pellets are fed from a bin into a burn chamber by an auger. A computer controls the temperature, turning the auger to add more pellets to the smoker to keep the temperature steady.

Basically, you load the hopper with pellets, turn on the power, set the cooking temperature and the Traeger takes care of the rest.

As long as the you don’t run out of pellets, your cooking experience should go smoothly.

Traeger Grills began production in 1988, and the pellet cooking concept is the same, but today’s grills have a lot more technology.

New with the 2019 Traeger Grills is the D2 direct drive drivetrain, which includes a variable speed fan and a one-piece auger with a brushless motor. The grills have a new feature called TurboTemp that can quickly deliver cooking temperatures from 165 to 450 degrees (other new models can produce higher temperatures).

The Pro 575 has a wired temperature probe that lets you know when your meat hits its target temperature. The new Traeger grills also have a technology called WiFire, which uses Wi-Fi to allow the user to monitor the grill and control the cook from a smartphone.

From a smartphone, you can see the current temperature inside the grill, change the grill temperature, monitor the meat temperature and set a timer.

The Pro 575 has 575 square inches of cooking space, a 19-by-22-inch main grill and a 7-by-22-inch second-tier grill. With that space, Traeger said the Pro 575 can hold 24 burgers, five racks of ribs or four chickens.

There’s a larger version, the Pro 780, for $999.

The temperature of the Traeger stayed almost constant — only fluctuating by 5 to 10 degrees from the target.

If you want to learn how to smoke meat, the Traeger is a great way to start. And if you have a smoker but struggle to get good results, the Traeger will make your life a lot easier.