kevinloveFor yet another reason, it looks as though the Wolves’ offseason trade of Kevin Love was a good one for all parties involved: there just isn’t enough room in this town for two athletes to sponsor milk, and the plain vs. chocolate debate that would have erupted between Joe Mauer and Love would have been too much to bear.

Yes, we know Mauer and Kemps parted ways after their contract was up at the end of 2013 — and yes, in Mauer’s fictional milk power rankings chocolate came in second — but he’s still associated with dairy delights, most notably 2 percent.

As for Love? He’s part of a new Built With Chocolate Milkcampaign that has some rather braggy claims.

Kevin Love dominates the backboards and for years the 6'10" power forward has downed chocolate milk to help him rebound on and off the court.

"One thing I've taken seriously over the years is how important recovery is after my training and games," said Love. "Thanks to my mom, chocolate milk has been my go-to recovery drink since I was 8 years old and it has continued to help me come back game after game."

[Side note: It probably didn't help him jump here].

[Second side note: chocolate milk is delicious and we have heard of it as a recovery drink for runners].

Still, it’s a pretty intense campaign filled with robot videos and made-up words like “reboundability.

Also, in the bio page, we learn that Love’s favorite movies are “He Got Game” and “Gladiator.” Feel free to peruse the rest of the site/campaign at your own free will.

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