saintsIf you liked the apples to oranges comparison earlier in the week between the Vikings’ and Twins’ loss totals (premise: the Twins might lose 100 more games than the Vikings this year), you’ll probably enjoy another comparison.

This one is more of an apples to apples comparison, at least, since it involves the same sport (albeit in vastly different leagues). Here we go:

The St. Paul Saints of the American Association are guaranteed to win more games than the Minnesota Twins of the American League this year.

Big deal, right? The Saints were good. The Twins are bad (or, if you prefer a different descriptor, even worse than that). And the level of competition is completely different.

Well, yeah. But what grabs your attention at least a little is this: the Saints only played 100 games this year. The Twins will play 162.

And still, after a 61-39 finish, the Saints are guaranteed to win more games than the Twins — who would have to win their final four games just to go 60-102. One more loss by the Twins would set a franchise record for futility since moving to Minnesota more than a half-century ago.

However: let’s please not have any “the Saints could beat the Twins” talk in the comments.

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