Q: I think maybe in the '60s there was a TV show with a "Big Brother's Watching You" style. I remember in the final episode the man was able to escape to freedom. Ring any bells?

A: I think you are remembering "The Prisoner," a 1968 drama starring Patrick McGoohan as a secret agent who, when he tries to quit the service, is instead taken to a mysterious community called The Village from which there is no easy escape. McGoohan's presence made many viewers think that his character was the spy John Drake he had played in the "Secret Agent" TV series, although McGoohan denied it. Still, the show — which McGoohan created — was very cool. A 2009 reboot (without McGoohan) was not.

Surviving the wait

Q: What's up with "Survivor"? Is the crew finally getting access to Fiji this spring?

A: "Survivor" is getting ready to return. Host Jeff Probst announced on Twitter not long ago that the show is going back into production in Fiji. "We have all of our COVID protocols so that everybody in Fiji will remain safe, all of our crew will be safe and of course our players will be safe." Probst said the last year had reminded him that we all have to treat our lives as "one big, great adventure, and 'Survivor' fulfills that." No airdate yet.

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