Meet Capt. Andrew Luck. He is a solider, a Colt, a simple man … according to Twitter page bio. The parody account for the real Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, has amassed a large following since joining the social media website in December 2015.

Capt. Luck has nearly 37,000 followers interested in reading his tweets written in the form of letters from a solider to his mother. The letters this week began addressing the Colts’ next battle in the “Minnesota Tundra” where “Horned barbarians await our arrival.”

The letters creatively mock Minnesota's cold weather, the Vikings running game, the number of teams Sam Bradford has played for, but highlight the Vikings' magnificent neck beards that rival Capt. Luck's own beard.

The real Andrew Luck avoids social media and can only be found on Twitter and Instagram through his Andrew Luck Book Club accounts, which are intended to “build a continually growing community of readers of all levels by engaging through social media.”

Luck's last recommendation to his book club before going silent for the NFL season was the “Little House on the Prairie” series, where much of the storyline takes place in the Midwest including Minnesota.

Don’t expect any review from the AL Book Club on the Colts stop in Minneapolis this weekend, but continue to follow Capt. Andrew Luck for what should be an entertaining recap of Sunday’s on-field battle with the barbarians of the North.

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