The stunning story of Norwood Teague’s abrupt resignation in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal Friday has inspired much great work in the pages (online and print) of the Star Tribune — first and foremost, at lest in my opinion, our own Amelia Rayno adding her personal account a couple of days later.

When a story so shocking moves at such a fast pace, it is hard to come up for air. And while I’ve found a strange lacking in the number of big-time national pieces that have gone beyond the news of the story as it emerges, I wanted to share a few links to pieces that I found both relevant and thought-provoking as they pertain to our industry:

*Tim McGuire, the former Star Tribune Managing Editor who is now at Arizona State, had a very well-measured blog post about the challenges and ethical dilemmas a story and situation like this can present. Twitter has been a little shouty on this topic (myself included), but McGuire’s piece is proof that sometimes things are better expressed in hundreds of words rather than a 140 characters at a time.

*Kami Mattioli at Sporting News quickly put together a panel of female reporters in the wake of Rayno’s revelation to explore the challenges that still exist for women covering sports.

*This piece is close to a year old now, but Vice did a great job chronicling a pioneer in sports journalism. H/T to our own Howard Sinker for digging it back out.

If you’ve heard/read anything that you would recommend, please add it in the comments.

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