Telephony enthusiasts will enjoy this Atlantic reconnoiter of some old Kansas microwave towers:

the Fairview AT&T site was once (maybe still is, who knows) home to a cable connecting Offutt Air Force Base in nearby Omaha, Nebraska, to the AT&T network. It was also home to a node of AUTOVON, the military telephony system and possibly a relay point in the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment network (SAGE), the computerized defense network that pioneered much of the research and development that later went into ARPANET.

The piece called "A mysterious AT&T relic reveals connections between telecommunications infrastructure and the Cold War," but the connection isn't as ominous as it's supposed to sound. Really? There was a plan to use the nation's long lines in case of war? How deep does this conspiracy go?

BROADWAY MELODIES The mystery of "In Your Hat" remains unsolved. If an Ask Metafilter post doesn't nail it down, there's no hope. Here's the background: the Bob & Ray soap opera parody, "Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife" had a long story arc about the production of "Westchester Furioso," a musical. It features a bad song called "In Your Hat," embedded below. The production values are quite high - full orchestra, chorus, good studio. I can't believe Bob & Ray did this; they were a two-man show with a $1.98 budget. They could have found the Original Cast Recording of some doomed Broadway musical in the station's archives, perhaps.

But if that's the case, the song was a parody before they resurrected it. This isn't serious. It's a spoof of the standard fashion number you'd find in a 20s / 30s revue. (See also the "Beautiful Girl Montage" from "Singin' in the Rain.") But what's it from? I'm thinking it might be from a corporate musical, because they had the money to do something like this.

It's interesting to realize that lots of pop culture has fallen through the cracks. How much did we lose forever? That's the problem. There's no way to know. Anyway: "In Your Hat," a song whose origins remain veiled. (Note: how did I tumble into this today? Long story. Long, and dull.)