Here's some clickbait:

I went through the entire stupid slideshow. First of all, they're not all horrible crimes. Clickbait chum always lies. But here's the biggest lie:  Prince is nowhere in the list. Thirty-five slides, and no Prince. Isn't that rather slanderous?

I know, I know: next thing you know, someone will debunk the little box that has a red circle around a toe and the words SIGNS YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE YOUR LIVER FLY OUT OF YOUR MOUTH or whatever it says.

STYLE Next year's color, in case you don't know:

Anyone else hear the Miami Vice theme? Here's a look at the person who decided what the color will be.

The color expert who leads this selection process doesn’t live in New York or Paris. Instead, Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, makes her home on rainy Bainbridge Island west of Seattle.

This time of year, Bainbridge Island is a pretty foggy, drab-looking place. But on a recent tour of her garden, Eiseman noticed lots of color, even in late fall.

Wonder what the color would be if they took a survey, or a poll. Speaking of the 80s: Here's a piece on the morking of Make and Mindy. The pilot crosses all sorts of streams.

Speaking of the 80s, or at least shows that staggered a few years into the decade before collapsing: 

Here's a piece on the making of Mork and Mindy. It's the definitive oral history of the show. Worth it for the Raquel Welch anecdotes alone. As one of the interviewees said:

I’m a little ambivalent today about Mork. It had such incredible promise, and we didn’t always deliver on that promise. We tried hard, but it was a gimmick show. Like Bewitched. Or Gilligan, or The Munsters or The Addams Family, you know? My Favorite Martian lasted three years. Gilligan’s Island, three years. The Munsters? Two.

M&M went four.

OK The long read of the day: the origins, marketing, and failure of OK Soda. The thought of everything - except something you'd want to drink.