$1.25 million-$2 million: Estimated cost, an astronomical investment for a commercial structure in 1890.

$325,000: Cost to build the Minneapolis Public Library in 1889 (it was demolished in 1961).

$167,000: Tab for the atrium's bronze-trimmed decorative work, forged in Minneapolis by Crown Iron Works.

$40,000: Bill for the atrium's translucent glass-block floors.

15 by 22 feet: Measurements of the arched entrances on 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue S.

38 by 53 feet: Dimensions of the interior atrium.

2: Years required to build the 12-story building.

750 feet: Depth of the artesian well that supplied the Met with fresh water.

One-quarter block: Size of the Met's real-estate footprint.

220 feet: Height of the building, from the sidewalk to the top of the popular observation tower. It was downtown's tallest building for nearly 25 years.

100,000 tons: The Met's estimated weight.