Artisanal peppermint schnapps. It’s hard to write with a straight face, but incredibly easy to drink in Spoon and Stable’s latest flip.

The maligned liqueur has deep roots in the Midwest and conjures memories of Grandpa’s sickly sweet, plastic-bottle swill — like a sugary vodka-mouthwash. However, Death’s Door Spirits of Wisconsin makes a surprisingly palatable version of the breath-freshening booze, drawing from a 1920s formula using almond oil, wormwood oil and rosewater in addition to mint extracts.

Spoon and Stable drink master Robb Jones applies the Sconnie mint bomb, dubbed Wondermint, as the base in this after-dinner drink. Mint syrup lends an auxiliary cool blast, while a half ounce of cognac adds depth to the mix thickened with cream and a whole egg. Garnished with a few drops of green Chartreuse and a fresh mint leaf, the luscious winter treat tastes like a sensuous liquified Tic-Tac, satiating sweet tooths who prefer to drink their dessert. (Spoon & Stable, 211 N. 1st. St., Mpls., 612-224-9850 or