The people have spoken. They want their hoppy beer, and they want to drink two.

The session IPA train doesn’t appear to be slowing down. This month Summit Brewing Co. hopped aboard (a hops pun!) with their newest year-round release. As its name suggests, Hopvale Organic Ale is made with organic ingredients, including a hop cocktail of Bravo, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook.

While the au natural beer, which comes in tallboy cans, might appeal to Whole Foods hipsters, going organic was a secondary goal for the St. Paul brewery. Despite checking in at a lean 4.7 percent alcohol-by-volume, Hopvale has all the citrusy strength of a full-sized IPA, with a standout grapefruit character. The beer isn’t overly bitter, but organic lemon peel lends a gentle, supportive zest to the flush of hops.

Entering grill season, Hopvale is a fine burger-flipping accomplice for hop fiends. Its low alcohol content will have you chanting “Four more beers!” We don’t necessarily recommend that.