Best local places to go clothes shopping
  1. H&M
    It's unanimous: The Swedish purveyor of cheap chic has officially taken over the budget-conscious Twin Cities with its brand of ripped-from-the-runways design.
  2. Target
    Target's wildly successful GO! International, which introduces up-and-coming designers to the mainstream, has set a new standard for high-end design at low-end prices.
  3. Macy's
    Apparently we're done mourning Marshall Field's, and thereby the loss of many of its noted designers. It must be the bottom-of-the-barrel sale prices.
  4. Forever 21
    A dirty little secret of many fashionistas, this mall warehouse is packed with designer knock-offs that are so spot-on it's scandalous.
  5. Express
    With generic designs and prices that are about 50 percent higher than places like H&M, why bother? Must be the blowout sales.
  6. Ragstock
    Though the longstand-ing thrift staple's new merchandise is rather ordinary, it's still the place to go to find a Halloween costume or vintage dress on the cheap.
  7. Off 5th
    Further nullifying Nicollet Mall's high-end rep, Saks Fifth Avenue's abandoned child is helping downtown become the new destination for thrifty spenders.
  8. The Limited
    For real? Come on, you guys. Nobody really shops here anymore, do they? I thought they closed in the mid-'90s.
  9. Everyday People
    The shops have moved away from vintage, but you can still occasionally find a classic gem tucked in among the mall junk.
  10. Heartbreaker
    For those who can't trek out to the mall to load up at Forever 21, try this locally owned chop shop.

  • Jahna Peloquin

Favorite Online Clothes Shopping

Best Lookin' Boys
  1. Slug
  2. Johnny Fillman
  3. Me
  4. The Alarmists
  5. Brad Pitt
  6. Thom Pham
  7. Paul Saarinen
  8. Mikal Arnold
  9. Johnny Depp
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Hottest local boutique
  1. Cliché
  2. Via's Vintage
  3. Lava Lounge
  4. St. Sabrina's Parlor in Purgatory
  5. Shop in the City
  6. Design Collective
  7. Covered
  8. Heavenly Soles
  9. Josi Wert
  10. Picky Girl

Baddest Bitches
  1. Lassie
  2. Alexis McKinnis
  3. Lorena Bobbitt
  4. Lori Barbero
  5. Marina Maric
  6. Emily Condon
  7. Karrie Vrabel
  8. Pink
  9. Amora, Queen of Magic
  10. Courtney Remes

Best Male Socialite
  1. Kristoffer Knutson
  2. Matt Schmidt
  3. Ross Raihala
  4. Steve Marsh
  5. Taylor Carik
  6. Mark Fox
  7. Rex Sorgatz
  8. Mikal Arnold
  9. Me
  10. Brant Kingman

Best Place to Buy Used Clothing
  1. Ragstock
  2. Everyday People
  3. Unique Thrift Stores
  4. Via's Vintage
  5. Tatters
  6. Arc's Value Village
  7. Savers
  8. Goodwill
  9. Lula Vintage Wear
  10. B-Squad

Photo credits (from top)

  • H&M / Margaret Andrews
  • Cliche / Tom Wallace
  • Rachael Wenner shops at the Uptown Ragstock / Tom Wallace