The volunteer is the tiny flame of every campaign that burns in the fire only to float out into the sky and extinguish. We share in the energy of the campaign and only leave once we get the job done. From the kid, to the grandfather each person reenergizing every campaign and helping it achieve its goal of winning. We cling to hope that because of our help, our candidates continue to do better.  

I am a volunteer, a college student with a passion for politics and and I came all the way from Minnesota to contribute to a campaign I believe in. I came to assist in anyway possible, to keep the dream alive, to help make the phone calls and canvass for hours and to spread the good word of the person I represent.

I made a friend at the office today. He too is also a volunteer from the good state of Connecticut. He comes down to the great Granite State on the weekends because he believes in our fight to win. All around me people alike, coming in from Boston, Connecticut, Minnesota and different counties of New Hampshire to help, because we believe in the same fight. The primaries brought us together. We volunteer our time and efforts in a fight that is much bigger than us to make a big difference in our community.

The likes of us, you and I, a teenager and an elderly woman, a professor and a veteran. In the same room, side by side, fighting for our individual candidates, sharing stories and encounters, reasons why we believe. The first in the nation New Hampshire primaries, the bond that brings us together. I chose to be a volunteer because I wanted to help in anyway I could.

--Justice Nwigwe is a St. Olaf sophomore from Lagos, Nigeria studying Political Science and Business Management. He is in New Hampshire as part of a St. Olaf political science class studying the presidential election.