Yo, they’re both Italian guys from Joizy, capisce? Frankie Valli’s story with the Four Seasons has become a hugely successful musical. The latest tour of “Jersey Boys” lands at the Orpheum Tuesday with mob and music hits, including “Sherry” and “Walk Like a Man.” Plus, Valli and his latest Seasons will appear May 27 at Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing. On Saturday, Jon Bon Jovi, Joizy’s biggest rocker not named Springsteen, returns to Xcel Energy Center to play the songs that landed Bon Jovi in the Rock Hall of Fame this month, including “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Frankie and Jon have more in common than ethnicity and birth states. Or do they?


Birth name

Francesco Stephen Castelluccio

JBJ: John Francis Bongiovi


Birth city

FV: Newark, N.J.

JBJ: Perth Amboy, N.J.


Parents’ occupations

FV: Barber; homemaker

JBJ: Barber; Playboy Bunny-turned-florist


First job

FV: Barber

JBJ: Recording-studio custodian



FV: Three — all ended in divorce

JBJ: One — still married to his high school sweetheart (29th anniversary on April 29)



FV: 5 feet 4

JBJ: 5 feet 9


No. 1 singles

FV: 7

JBJ: 4


Weirdest hit

FV: “Grease,” from the movie of the same name, which went to No. 1 in 1978

JBJ: “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” a No. 1 country duet with Jennifer Nettles in 2006


Famous friend

FV: Joe Pesci

JBJ: Barack Obama


Notorious band defection

FV: Nick Massi went to jail

JBJ: Richie Sambora went his own way



FV: 0

JBJ: 1


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

FV: Inducted in 1990

JBJ: Inducted in 2018


Acting highlight

FV: 7 episodes of “The Sopranos”

JBJ: 10 episodes of “Ally McBeal”