Here’s the set-up:

PopEater caught up with Winkler to talk his rituals out on the river, whether he felt 'Happy Days' ever truly jumped the shark and he gets serious about how he first coped with dyslexia.

And here’s the part everyone skipped to read, because the rest is about Henry Winkler and fly-fishing, which the readers of PopEater don’t care about.

On 'Happy Days,' when Fonzie started to become almost like Jesus with special powers did you think it was ridiculous?

I would not use the word ridiculous, what I understood was I was not him.

I meant did you think the scripts were getting silly?

No, I didn't think about that. All I thought about was if we could make it funny or not. I was really in the presence of unbelievable people like Garry Marshall and Ron Howard.

Do you have a bad word to say about anybody? 

I do but I won't say them to you. Here's the other thing, these people, they're not in my life. I don't spend time with those people.

Two things stick out:

1. It doesn’t matter whether Winkler thinks the show jumped the shark; since he was the physical manifestation of the event that coined the phrase, what he thinks is irrelevant.

2. The entire celebrity journalism industry can be summed up in that last question.

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