Duluth has been named the fittest city in America. So says Fitbit, the company that makes wearable fitness-tracking watches and wristbands.

Fitbit tapped into its database of more than 10 million American users in 2016, and crunched the data on daily steps, active minutes, resting heart rate, and sleep duration.

The study found that Duluth was the second best city for sleep with an average length of 7 hours and 6 minutes per night and third for both average daily steps at 8,174 and daily active minutes with 20.6 per day.

Minneapolis didn't do so hot, but at least it's in the top 20. Other Minnesota and Wisconsin cities occupy half of the top 10 for most active Fitbit users. The cities are:

1. Duluth, Minn.

2. Appleton, Wis.

3. Eau Claire, Wis.

4. Boulder, Colo.

5. Bellingham, Wash.

6. Madison, Wis.

7. Billings, Mont.

8. Rochester, Minn.

9. Spokane, Wash.

10. Eugene, Ore.

11. Green Bay, Wis.

12. Denver, Colo.

13. Portland, Ore.

14. Sioux Falls, S.D.

15. Lincoln, Neb.

16. Syracuse, N.Y.

17. Rochester, N.Y.

18. Grand Rapids, Mich.

19. Janesville, Wis.

20. Minneapolis, Minn.