Water under the bridge

"The Martian" director Ridley Scott says NASA informed him about the discovery of water on the red planet a couple of months ago, but it was too late to change key sequences in the movie. Had the discovery occurred before filming began, he said, Matt Damon's character would have "found the edge of a glacier, definitely. It would be fascinating. But then I would've lost a great sequence." We won't spill what that might be.

'Ted' talk

Emcee Mark Wahlberg had a special request of Pope Francis at a "Festival of Families" event last week in Philadelphia at which His Holiness was the guest of honor. Specifically, he sought atonement for the "Ted" movies. "I've always hoped the good Lord has a sense of humor, when it comes and pertains to the movies I've made," Wahlberg joked.

Meeting a 'Furious' end

Vin Diesel hints that "Furious 10" will be the last of the franchise. … Danny Boyle says the sequel to the 20-year-old "Trainspotting" will be filmed next summer, but won't bear the name ("Porno") of the book it's based on. … Ellar Coltrane, the boy of "Boyhood," joins Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in "The Circle." … Britain's Sunday Mirror reports that Damian Lewis is the latest front-runner to be the next James Bond. … Russell Crowe will star in the historical drama "In Sand and Blood."

She got the call

Carly Rae Jepsen will play Frenchy in Fox's "Grease Live," airing in January. … Nicki Minaj will produce a sitcom for ABC Family based on her childhood in Queens. … After 27 years, Smithers will finally come out as gay in a two-part arc on "The Simpsons."

But what about 'Episodes'?

Netflix has crunched viewing data for about two dozen shows and says it has determined the specific episodes of each program's first season that got people hooked. Surprisingly or not, no show grabbed viewers with its pilot; in fact, it took "Arrow" and "How I Met Your Mother" eight episodes to reel people in. A few of the findings: "Breaking Bad" (Episode 2); "Orange Is the New Black" (Episode 3); "Mad Men" (Episode 6); "Scandal" (Episode 2); "Gossip Girl" (Episode 3).