Kings of the hill

Let’s all agree that “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” ain’t what they used to be. Let’s also clasp hands and pray that neither of these animated sitcoms heads to the retirement home anytime soon. The 32nd season premiere of “Simpsons” finds an ingenious way to spoof “Undercover Boss,” while the 350th episode of “Family” manages to take jabs at everything from the pilgrims to “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Those who think these old fogies have run out of gags are kidding themselves.

7 and 8:30 p.m. Sunday, KMSP, Ch. 9

Playing politics

Brendan Gleeson doesn’t deliver his blistering impersonation of Donald Trump until the second half of “The Comey Rule.” But there’s plenty to keep you riveted before it’s time to Hail to the Chief as one acclaimed actor after another interprets highlights from James Comey’s memoir about his final years as FBI director. In addition to Jeff Daniels in the lead role, you get Holly Hunter as Sally Yates, T.R. Knight as Reince Priebus and Jonathan Banks as James Clapper. Don’t be surprised if half of this all-star cabinet ends up on next year’s Emmy ballots.

8 p.m. Sunday, Showtime

The long run

If you’re among the 8 million subscribers to ESPN’s toniest streaming service, prepare for a binge fest. “The Life & Trials of Oscar Pistorius” isn’t quite as powerful — or long — as former “30 for 30” projects “OJ: Made in America” and “The Last Dance,” but with a running time of more than four hours and lots of devastating detail on the Olympian’s fall from grace, there’s plenty to keep you hooked. Let’s hope the sports network doesn’t wait too long before sharing this docuseries with a wider audience.

Now streaming on ESPN+

Sexy beasts

Skeptics will write off “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” as a series of infomercials for the juggernaut’s theme park. But for those who aren’t ready to risk a trip to Florida, this behind-the-scenes peek at operations may be the closest thing to a fun-filled family vacation you’ll get this fall. Don’t be surprised if your kids start aspiring to careers as veterinarians after watching chipper employees treat an ailing gorilla.

Now streaming on Disney+

OK computer

“Code 404” is a funnier version of “RoboCop,” with Daniel Mays (“Line of Duty”) brought back from the dead to fight crime. One teensy problem: The computer designers appear to have programmed bad Elvis Presley movies into his hard drive. Stephen Graham, so memorably menacing as Al Capone in “Boardwalk Empire,” shows off his comedic chops as the exasperated partner.

Starts streaming Thursday on Peacock

Neal Justin