How long can you gaze into the maddeningly oblique soul of a chicken? The Egotist describes the poultry-gazing app:

Mithun’s effort for Popeyes, which promotes the brand's new $3.99 Red Stick Chicken, features what's being touted as an industry-first mobile app dubbed the "Red Stick Staredown Contest.”

The technology enables an antagonizing chicken to challenge the player to a staring contest and get them to flinch by distracting them. The longer a player can hold a stare with the chicken, the more “perfect peppers” they collect.

This is your enemy.

I lasted 117 seconds, because I got bored.

Likewise, I got 67 letters as a Pony Express rider yesterday, and then I gave up because it was 11:50 PM and I realized I had spent the last fifteen minutes running into cactuses.

MEDIA Hope everyone on Periscope enjoyed watching Ame of Thron. Daily Dot:

HBO is none too pleased with users of Twitter-owned streaming app Periscope, following the debut of the fifth season of the hit show Game of Thrones and subsequent unauthorized livestreams of the show’s season premiere. Questionable video and sound quality aside, many of the streams were entirely watchable, which obviously didn’t sit too well with HBO.

Of course not, but if you’re willing to watch grainy shaky hand-held portrait-view picture-phone images instead of shelling out for HD widescreen, you’re probably not the people to whom they wish to sell the show. Movies are next, of course. People who can’t get into the first showing of the new Star Wars movie will sit in their cars in the parking lot and watch it on Periscope.

SCIENCE Lots of interesting things going on out in the inky depths. There’s the mystery of Ceres’ Two Dots, and the mysterious Fast Radio Bursts, which could be an alien signal. And now we have color pictures of Pluto! BBC:

"The spacecraft is in perfect health; it's full of fuel; and it's carrying a scientific arsenal of seven instruments that are - combined - the most powerful suite of instruments ever brought to bear on the first reconnaissance of a new planet,” enthused Alan Stern, New Horizons' principal investigator.
"Nothing like this has been done in a quarter of a century and nothing like this is being planned again by any space agency.”

"This is a real moment in time for you to watch us turn a point of light into a planet.”

Or we would, if it hadn’t been demoted. Anyway, we'll have to take their word for it, and assume this is indeed poor Pluto:

They'll get better as the ship gets closer. Takes a while to send the info back to Earth. It's like sending "War and Peace" via Morse Code with a second between each tap of the key.