Who's up

Keanu Reeves is rumored to be reuniting with the Wachowski brothers as loose-limbed comic-book hero "Plastic Man." The role might be, um, a stretch for the actor whom our esteemed colleague Colin Covert once called "beyond wooden -- he's plywooden," but going back to the guys who put him in "The Matrix" might just give new life to a career that has ground to a halt in its attempts at gravity (see "The Lake House" and "Street Kings").

Who's down

The Rainn Wilson comedy "The Rocker" can't seem to nail down a gig -- it's just gotten its third release date. The original opener was set for Aug. 1, then moved to July 30; the latest switch pushes it back to Aug. 20. Looks like the producers don't think it can hold its own against an onslaught of comedy including "Step Brothers" (July 25), "Pineapple Express" (Aug. 8) and "Tropic Thunder" (Aug. 15). It doesn't get any easier after Aug. 20, with "The House Bunny," "Hamlet 2" and "The Longshots" all opening on Aug. 22.