Who's up

As word-of-mouth has spread from early screenings of "The Dark Knight," Heath Ledger is getting breathless mention as the early frontrunner for an Oscar. His nomination wouldn't be the first awarded posthumously; six others, including James Dean (twice), Spencer Tracy and Peter Finch, have been so honored.

Who's down

Harrison Ford tops Defamer's "Top ten worst kissers in Hollywood: From the 'icky' to the 'sweaty' to 'tongues that taste like kitty litter.' " Helen Mirren has this to say about Ford: "He finds it impossible to kiss onscreen." Kissing Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy is sorry to report, was "awkward, sweaty, and not very nice." But that's not all -- Tom Cruise is "slightly icky," Leo DiCaprio has no passion, and Victoria Beckham "does this thing that felt like a girl gnawing on your lip," says Corey Haim. Corey Haim should be so lucky that Posh allowed her mouth anywhere near his.