Relatives out east are frantic. “Are we going to get another Snowzilla?” After a 2- to 3-foot blizzard, they’re all paranoid. And just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

Back in 1998 my wife and kids were driving to the dentist, when they got caught in a massive hailstorm. My wife handled it well, gripping the steering wheel, yelling, “We’re going to die!” For months after that scare my boys would call me every day: “Is there going to be severe weather? Is it going to be bad? Do we have to ride with mom?”

Anyone who’s been through a flood, tornado or hurricane describes a PTSD-like trauma, with anxiety, depression and sleepless nights. You never watch a weather report quite the same way. Suddenly it’s personal.

A welcome weekend thaw gives way to a couple inches of new powder Sunday night and Monday. Blowing and drifting could make for rough travel outside the metro. Expect one or two subzero nights next week, but temperatures blip back up to average by next week. Oh, how I long for “average weather.”