What's the economic impact of Jeremy Lin? Well, someone is trying to sell an autographed rookie card on eBay for the low price of $68,888.88, as pointed out by reader Ken C.

But that's not all. In more reality-based economics, the secondary market price of tickets to last night's Knicks/Kings game went from $92 to $317 in the span of a week as Lin worked his way firmly into the world-wide consciousness.

Forbes.com -- which we are contractually obligated to point out once named Kevin McHale the best GM in all of sports based on some sort of mathematical witchcraft -- says Lin's personal brand is worth $14 million.

If only his last named rhymed with a few words, he'd be worth even more.

Before we leave, though, we'd be remiss if we didn't hypnotize you with these dancing Timberwolves: