Bill Musgrave and Christian Ponder, two of the central Vikings offensive figures in recent years who made purple fans SHOUTY with ANGER, are reportedly going to be reunited in Oakland.

Musgrave is the offensive coordinator with the Raiders. That much is certain. And Ponder is apparently going to sign a one-year deal in Oakland. The two of them spent three years together, from 2011-13, with the Vikings.

The results were, to put it politely, mixed. The Vikings made the playoffs in 2012; they won eight combined games the other two years, though it should be noted: The 2014 Vikings ranked 27th in total offense, 28th in passing yards per game and 20th in points per game under new OC Norv Turner, while the 2013 Vikings under Musgrave ranked 13th in yards, 23rd in passing yards and tied for 14th in points per game.

Anyway: How are folks on the Raiders side handling the news? Well, let’s check out the Silver and Black Pride SB Nation blog. Here’s writer Levi Damien’s take, which was written when the Raiders were merely reported to be bringing Ponder in for a visit. While noting that Ponder is “worth a look,” he also said:

Ponder will likely gain the ire of many fans who think he’s terrible. Well, if he were greatness, he probably would be starting somewhere instead of looking to sign on as a backup in Oakland.”

(Nods head).

And while some commenters see this for what it is — a move for QB depth and not much else — there are also comments like this: “Raiders need to get their priorities in order. Are we being sabatoged.” (sic)

Ponder is a good guy, and maybe a change of scenery to be a backup will prove to be a nice career transition. We should probably just move on and not pay attention to any of this, but it’s so hard to turn your back on something so familiar.

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