Thanks to commenters for carrying the day as we fight through a mountain of work. Newbie has the final post of the day, asking for your help on all matters Las Vegas-related. That's him, on the left. Newbie?



The Hootie and I are going to be going on vacation to Vegas ... sadly with the wives.  I have been once for a work convention, Newbile has been twice for fun, and the Hootie and THH have never been.

I took a quick look back at some posts from roughkat's bachelor/bachelorette party last year to get a few ideas. But the only thing I learned was to stand on 13 if the dealer shows a 5 and my dream to get in shape was shattered by having a kid.

However, before we go I propose a RandBall challenge.  RandBallers, please submit your suggestions for where we can get a photo taken with our RandBall t-shirts.  Sort of a Randball scavenger hunt.  We will do our best to accommodate.

I am also curious if the RandBall community can provide us with some good advice on places to eat/drink, free/inexpensive shows (possibly during a meal), or any bets that need to be made while out there. My guess right now would be a bet on Tubby Smith as head coach of the Gophers next season would be a risky (and strange) bet.
You heard the man.