The Gophers football team has its opener in less than five hours against UNLV. The Vikings have the least meaningful of their pretend games tonight at Houston. And, well, according to this very unscientific ESPN poll, Minnesotans will likely care more about the latter than the former.


The nationwide trend in the "Which season are you most looking forward to -- college football or the NFL" poll question is toward the pro stuff, slanted 62 percent to 38 percent. In Minnesota? 74 to 26 for the pros, almost 3 to 1.

That's not exactly a surprise; maybe it will change as time goes on this season. For now, it's kind of interesting to check out where the college game reigns supreme compared to the NFL. At least when it comes to people who bother to click on polls. Here's the link to the map.

H/T: Fasolamatt.