Former Wolves President of Basketball Operations David Kahn was a sportswriter in his previous life, writing for The Oregonian for several years in the 1980s. Eventually, his career path led him to the NBA.

The path is now a completed loop, not unlike one of those 1/4 mile scenic byways you might find at a roadside monument. Kahn, let go by the Wolves a year ago, has been teaching at NYU. What we didn't know is that he has been writing scorching hot sports takes for Bloomberg.

We had not intended on two Kahn posts in one day. Honestly, we're not sure how this snuck under our radar. Commenters and Sportive Podcast proprietors Brandon and Stu had no idea this was happening, either.

We were alerted to it by Twitter follower boi_u_fancy, who also notes that Kahn gives out his NYU e-mail address at the end of his pieces. He's written three times so far:

On Steve Ballmer purchasing the Clippers (seems reasonable).

On Donald Sterling and the Clippers' value (sure).

On how baseball should play a split season, with playoffs in July.

Say what now? You're going to need oven mitts, or perhaps a full fireman's suit, for this hot take written at the start of the baseball season:

So how to make baseball truly national again? One solution would be a playoff system already used in several minor leagues and in the early days of the National League: play a split season. This would allow baseball to move a postseason round from October to July, when no other sport matters.

At the conclusion of the first 81-game season, the three division champions and a wild card in both the American League and National League would play a sudden-death tournament over three days, with the winning teams earning a berth in their October League Championship Series. The second 81-game season would then begin play immediately, with the same playoff system repeated in the fall.

The first-half champion would play the second-half champion in the best-of-seven League Championship Series, followed by the World Series. October would still feel like October for baseball fans, but now baseball would have July, too.

Your thoughts on Kahn's plan to save baseball in the comments, please.