We get all sorts of e-mails from sports betting web sites, but one in particular caught our eye today.

It was a site offering prop bet odds on Adrian Peterson’s situation, and it served up what we thought were some pretty ridiculous odds on one particular subject:

  • Odds Peterson plays for the Minnesota Vikings in 2014:  33/1.

Really? Our first thought was that Vegas (and by extension gambling web sites) often know more than the public knows.

And maybe we should just stop there.

But really? To us, there are really only two likely outcomes this season: Peterson plays for the Vikings, or he plays for nobody. The trading deadline has already passed by, and we can’t picture the Vikings releasing Peterson.

With this plea deal, there are seven games left in the season. He has already missed eight games. The NFL could sit him down for the rest of the year, too, but a more likely outcome — one we discussed with Star Tribune columnist Chip Scoggins today — is a shorter suspension, maybe a fine (because he was getting paid while he sat out) and the chance to return for a handful of games now that his case has been resolved.

Before this plea deal, we couldn’t think of any scenario by which it would be likely he played for the Vikings again this year (and likely at all). Now? It seems at least reasonable to think it could happen, and far more likely than 33/1 odds would indicate.

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