Tesla drivers Tuesday marked the opening of the electric car company’s first supercharging station in the Twin Cities. Tesla’s superchargers provide enough juice in 30 minutes to give drivers 150 miles of driving range. That’s a lot faster than an overnight charge in the gargage.

Tesla says its supercharger is substantially more powerful than any other charging technology. The company has 705 supercharging stations worldwide, with big clusters in the United States and Europe, and lesser numbers in China, Japan and Australia.

There are now six in Minnesota, including in Duluth, Baxter, Hinckley, Albert Lea and Worthington. The latter two are part of a corridor of Tesla supercharging stations along Interstate 90. Tesla places many of its superchargers along major highway corridors.

Although there was a special event Tuesday for Tesla drivers, the supercharging station in Oakdale opened in late August. The station is located at 7180 10th St. N., next to the Hy-Vee supermarket. Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars can be charged at a supercharger; no other vehicles can. The service is free.