Two brothers were sentenced to 30-year terms for being among three masked men who invaded a north Minneapolis home late at night and raped a woman and her teenage daughter.

Reggie Bishop, 32, and Deondre Bishop, 31, were sentenced in Hennepin County District Court on two counts each of aiding and abetting first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count each of first-degree burglary for their roles in the crimes unleashed in the home in July 2015. District Judge Jay Quam found the Bishops guilty last month.

A third defendant, Roynell Taylor Jr., 32, pleaded guilty to the same charges July 18 and was sentenced Aug. 19 to 30 years in prison. The defendants, all from Minneapolis, have lengthy criminal histories in Minnesota.

When the mother gave her victim impact statement Monday afternoon, she noted how Reggie Bishop “laughed and joked throughout the [earlier] proceedings. He’ll have [at least] 7,300 days to laugh his way through prison. He’ll have to explain to his children why he’s in prison.”

The mother said it took her 14-year-old daughter several months before she could describe what had happened.

Prosecutors say the terror unfolded when the daughter was ambushed in the kitchen at gunpoint by one of the men about 11 p.m. All three men took her upstairs, where her mother was sleeping.

After the men ransacked the house, one of them raped the teenager. At the same time, another of the men brought the mother upstairs, the complaint said, and she peered through the thin pillowcase and saw her daughter being raped.

The men left after about 90 minutes with televisions, a laptop and a cellphone. The mother called police.

The woman recognized one of the attackers, the complaint said, and police also relied on other evidence.

Each defendant was charged with aiding and abetting criminal sexual conduct because authorities did not determine in court who carried out the rapes.