The 13-year-old girl caught on video during an altercation with three St. Paul police officers last week has been charged with felony fourth-degree assault of a peace officer.

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office filed charges Sept. 27, one day after authorities say the teen violated a no-trespassing order, fled police and ultimately resisted arrest. Her current detention status is unknown.

A two-minute video captured by a bystander inside a UPS store on University Avenue last Thursday quickly went viral on social media, leading to St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter calling for an inquiry. The video depicts the three officers trying to restrain the girl's arms and legs as she screams and thrashes on the ground. She repeatedly kicks at the officers as she yells, "Don't touch me!"

The girl's brother, who is 14, was also arrested for allegedly interfering with officers during the incident. It's not clear what, if any, charges he may face.

Officers Alexander Graham, Grady Sheehy and Charles Busch are each facing an internal affairs investigation into their conduct, according to personnel records.

On Thursday, the girl's mother accused police of provoking her daughter, who she said is mentally ill, with an overly aggressive response.

Meanwhile, St. Paul Police Federation President Paul Kuntz defended his fellow officers' professionalism, saying they used minimal force.

Carter has acknowledged that a snippet of the altercation "doesn't tell the whole picture," and he urged community members not to villainize the child or the responding officers "before we have a full reading of the facts."