If the running Twin Cities Twitter/media joke question "How's Teddy lookin'?" came to a sad end first with Teddy Bridgewater's awful preseason injury in 2016 and then the Vikings' decision to move on from the QB in favor of Kirk Cousins this past offseason, allow me to revive it now in happier times.

How's Teddy lookin'? Pretty good. Really good, actually.

That's according to folks in the New York media, who have been watching Bridgewater in early practice sessions with the Jets and have been generating some buzz.

The New York Daily News reported that Bridgewater looked like the best QB on the field for the Jets last week during the first day of OTAs and that the former Vikings QB could, in fact, end up being the Jets' Week 1 starter ahead of rookie Sam Darnold or veteran safety net Josh McCown.

ESPN added to it by saying Bridgewater looked good all week.

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