Q When did Macy's adopt its logo of the single star?

A The Macy star was inspired by a tattoo on store founder Rowland Hussey Macy and adopted in 1858.

The Massachusetts Quaker arrived in New York in 1857 to start a dry-goods business after his previous venture as a whaler. He once was lost at sea but found a star to guide him to shore.

He wore a star tattoo as a remembrance of the event, and that's what inspired him to adopt it as the corporate logo for his business, which survives today.

From Macy's and Raken.com's "A Classification of American Wealth"

Recycling cardboard

Q In a previous column, you said you should recycle the cardboard tube found in paper towels and toilet paper. But I live in Minneapolis and was told that I cannot recycle them. Which is correct?

A You were given wrong information. Paper towel and toilet paper core rolls are indeed recyclable, said Susan Young, Minneapolis' director of solid waste and recycling. They are the same material as cereal boxes and can be recycled curbside.

Ratings right or wrong?

Q Consumer Reports' test ratings on low-flow toilets published in August do not agree with those on display at a large chain home store. Which should I believe?

A That's a good question to ask the sales associate at the home store. If the store is displaying Consumer Reports as the source of its ratings and the numbers are incorrect, you should point that out to the store manager -- as well as Consumer Reports, if its name is being used to advertise a product. The magazine does not approve of that practice.

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