Cleveland Cavaliers forward Iman Shumpert said he wouldn't go to the White House if his team wins another NBA title and gets invited by President-elect Trump.

That set off Fran Tarkenton, the Vikings' Hall of Fame quarterback and Trump supporter. In an interview with TMZ, Tarkenton said: "If a President of the United States, our No. 1 guy, invites you to the [White House] and you're gonna boycott it? Because why? It's stupid."

Shumpert cited racism and sexism as reasons he wouldn't go, which Tarkenton turned into a black president/white president issue. "Nobody boycotted Obama because he's black did they?" he said. "No. They all went there because he was our president."

But Tarkenton was wrong about that. Among those who refused to accept was former Vikings center Matt Birk, who didn't join his Ravens teammates after they won the 2012 Super Bowl. Birk cited disagreements with Obama over abortion and Planned Parenthood.