Target Corp. launches a new line, The Collection, starting March 3.

If you call yourself a discount retailer, then it probably follows that you can market a $9.99 bottle of wine as “premium.”

Target Corp. on Thursday announced the launch of The Collection, an assortment of five “premium California wines,” which arrives in stores March 3. The wine is sourced from the Delicato Family Vineyards, one of the nation’s largest wine producers. Delicato offers exclusive private labels and produces more than a dozen other brands, including Gnarley Head and Bota Box. The family has been farming the land since 1924 with sustainable practices, according to its website.

The Minneapolis-based retailer joins other grocers and mass retailers to market private label adult beverages, including Costco and Trader Joe’s. 

Affordably priced wines are in the sweet spot of the retailer's prime demographic. Wine sales in the United States are approaching $62 billion a year, and millennials are consuming 42 percent of it -- more than any other demographic group -- according to the Wine Market Council.

Target began marketing its own wines in 2017, when it launched California Roots at $5 a bottle. Target now is adding a Sauvignon Blanc to that line, its seventh variety. It also will add four-pack cans of Wine Cube and begin selling Crook & Marker, a line of fizzy, fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages in a can.

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