• Biden's win affirmed, Trump promises "orderly transition" after insurrection at U.S. Capitol: Congress confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as the presidential election winner early Thursday after a violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in a stunning attempt to overturn America's presidential election, undercut the nation's democracy and keep Trump in the White House. Trump for the first time acknowledged his defeat in the Nov. 3 election and announced in a statement posted to Twitter by his social media director that there would be an "orderly transition on January 20th" after Congress concluded the electoral vote count. His own Twitter account had been locked by the company for posting messages that appeared to justify the assault on the seat of the nation's democracy. Facebook and Instagram will bar Trump from posting at least until Biden's inauguration, the platforms said Thursday. The president on Thursday faced calls for his removal by impeachment or the 25th Amendment from a growing number of lawmakers. Star Tribune Washington Correspondent Jim Spencer was inside the U.S. Capitol yesterday and shared this eyewitness report of the chaos.
  • At State Capitol, several hundred Trump supporters decry certification: The roughly 500 supporters of President Donald Trump who gathered outside Minnesota's fenced-off State Capitol on Wednesday mixed violent rhetoric with jubilation at a four-hour rally that later moved to the governor's residence amid chaos in Washington.
  • Minnesota's GOP congressional delegation split on Electoral College challenge: Minnesota's congressional delegation hunkered down around the Capitol complex as supporters of President Donald Trump broke into the building in an attempt to block them from certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Lawmakers posted on social media as the chaos unfolded, telling constituents they were safe and urging peace. The four Minnesota Republican members split 50-50 over the move by some in their party to block certification of Biden's win.
  • Treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say: For veteran social justice demonstrators, the images of men and women wearing red Trump 2020 hats and clutching American and Confederate flags walking through the Capitol building largely unmolested came as shocking yet predictable evidence of their long-held suspicions that conservative, White protesters intent on violence would not be met with any of the strong-arm tactics as anti-police brutality demonstrators.
  • Pro-Trump media figures blame "agitators" for Capitol invasion: Across conservative media platforms on Wednesday, the most popular figures in the pro-Trump media movement sought to draw a bright line between the Trump supporters who incited violence and Trump himself - even going so far as to cast doubt on the rioters' true identities or sympathies.
  • Frustrations build over COVID-19 vaccine delays in Minnesota nursing homes: Only 7,400 COVID-19 vaccine shots have been given to residents and workers at Minnesota nursing homes in the past week despite a targeted campaign that gave them first priority for vaccinations. State health officials said Wednesday they are still on track to inoculate all 500,000 health care workers and long-term care residents by the end of January — the first wave ofMinnesota's vaccination program. More than 91,000 Minnesotans have received first doses of COVID-19 vaccine amid a pandemic that has caused 5,572 deaths and 429,570 diagnosed infections in the state. The totals include 44 deaths reported Thursday by the Minnesota Department of Health along with 2,004 newly confirmed infections with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
  • HealthPartners studying COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant women: A research division at HealthPartners has received $2 million from the federal government to monitor the safety of new COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women and their babies.
  • What you need to know about Minnesota's latest COVID-19 restrictions: Bars, restaurants and other venues will reopen with restrictions on Monday amid continued declines in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations in Minnesota. Here's what you need to know about Gov. Tim Walz's latest order.
  • Is sex trafficking "inevitable" along Enbridge pipeline route? Among the thousands of pages of documents filed in the Enbridge Line 3 permitting process, state regulators made a striking conclusion about construction on the pipeline: "The addition of a temporary, cash-rich workforce increases the likelihood that sex trafficking or sexual abuse will occur." Advocates, law enforcement, the company and unions are working to ensure that isn't the case as work on the $2.6 billion pipeline across northern Minnesota enters its second month of construction.


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Jan. 7, 1990: Filmmaker Vladlen Kruchkin rode an all-terrain vehicle as he filmed fellow Soviet Afanassi Makovnev training for the John Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon in northern Minnesota. (Photo: Star Tribune)