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Searching for life on Saturn's moons: "NASA’s mantra for finding alien life has long been to 'follow the water,' the one ingredient essential to our own biochemistry. On Wednesday, NASA will sample the most available water out there, when the Cassini spacecraft dives through an icy spray erupting from the little Saturnian moon Enceladus," the New York Times reports.


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Quote of the day


"I don't have any more energy. None."

--Gophers football coach Jerry Kill, announcing his retirement due to health concerns.

Worth a click


Vampire mathematics: "A surprisingly large number of academic studies — as in, more than one — have applied mathematical modeling to the concept of human-vampire co-existence." The bottom line: Mathematicians agree that if the vampires described in the novels of Bram Stoker, Stephen King and Anne Rice actually existed, humanity would likely be annihilated in short order.

From the archives


Oct. 28, 1976: A Minneapolis magician and medium attempted to summon the spirit of Harry Houdini during a seance ahead of the 50th anniversary of the famed escape artist's death on Halloween, but he didn't show. However, the photographer was able to produce Houdini using trickery in a different dark room. (Photo: Pete Hohn/Star Tribune)