My crutches are next to the Christmas tree, a giant boot on my newly broken right ankle. Happy New Year!

I'm a little hazy on what happened. It might have been from lifting a 4-ton truck off a helpless bystander. Wait, I was skiing a double black diamond run at Jackson Hole when an eagle landed on my shoulder, distracting me on the moguls. Truth? It was a severe dog-walking accident, slipping on glaze ice, landing hard on my ankle. Tragically funny.

Second only to motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths in the U.S. and 8 million emergency room visits every year. "Look at the situation as the universe telling/forcing you to slow down," a friend e-mailed. Be careful out there; your life can change in milliseconds.

South metro picked up 5-6 inches, less north — more south of MSP. Respectable, but hardly Snowmageddon.

No more drama, just a chilly New Year's Eve with a shot at freezing from Saturday into early next week; no storms for at least a week. 2016 will arrive on a cold, crystalline note.