The layoffs just don't seem to have an end. There are and will continue to be a lot of hurting people in need of support. Losing a job is hard enough, but having an economy that can't support finding another one is devastating.

I almost hate to tell you that I have good news in the midst of all this misfortune. I feel relief that I have found something, but my joy is dampened by the grief of what others are facing.

Since the article came out on Sunday, I have received additional rejection letters, a few phone screenings with recruiters for specific positions, and two offers to interview. Most recruiters that I have spoken with have confirmed that the market is very competitive due to additional job cuts and hiring freezes. In the real estate industry it is a buyer's market, in health care it is a recruiter's market.

Allina recruiters have been working to place laid off United Hospital nurses elsewhere within the system. I wasn't expecting to hear from them so soon and I wasn't convinced that there would be any positions left, as I was the least senior nurse on the list.

But they called this week and said that they had a position available in the critical care unit at Abbott Northwestern. Although I did not have recent critical care experience they would be willing to train me as long as I could pass a critical care aptitude exam. I took the exam, interviewed with the manager, toured the unit and was offered the position.

I am grateful for this opportunity and truly feel that this was orchestrated by God. He has shown me time and time again that He is faithful. I pray for the best for all those who are still searching.