Crews struggled much of Thursday before extinguishing a blaze at a house southwest of Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis that first caught fire shortly before midnight Wednesday and did so again multiple times over many hours.

The initial fire sent flames out an upper-level window of the 1 ½-story house in the 3400 block of S. Columbus Avenue, Fire Chief Bryan Tyner said.

A man was taken from the home by emergency responders and CPR was administered, but "we were able to revive him," Tyner said.

Frustration took root as the fire kept reappearing, Tyner said. Each time, firefighters were summoned back to the scene.

Finally, Assistant Fire Chief Melanie Rucker said in an e-mail update shortly after 2:30 p.m. that "crews finished up just a bit ago. … Aerial operations were used to dump large amounts of water on the structure to extinguish the fire."

While authorities haven't addressed the circumstances leading up to the initial blaze, the re-emergence of the fire made the chief suspicious that something intentional was going on.