Surly Brewing Co. hasn't selected a location yet for their highly anticipated "Destination Brewery," but they now know who will design it.

The company announced Tuesday that it had enlisted HGA, which designed General Mills's headquarters and the Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum, to be their architect. The company is based in Minneapolis, but has offices around the country.

The "Destination Brewery" was made possible after a state law change known as the "Surly Bill" that allowed breweries to serve pints of their own beer on the premises. Surly is planning a $20 million facility that includes a bar, restaurant, event center and beer garden.

"I have had a picture of what our Destination Brewery will look like in my head for more than a year now and we're sure HGA can make that vision a reality," said Surly owner Omar Ansari.

Surly's search for a location was recently narrowed to three cities in the metro area, including two sites in Minneapolis. One possible site is a former food processing plant near the University of Minnesota.

The company also said that ROLEC, a brewhouse manufacturer, is "building Surly's custom brewhouse system in Munich, Germany."