After more than two years on the job, Sen. Amy Klobuchar remains popular with Minnesotans.

Respondents of the latest Star Tribune Minnesota Poll who approve of the job the freshman senator is doing outnumber those who disapprove by almost a 3-1 ratio.

That amounts to a comfortable approval rating of 59 percent of those polled, compared to 20 percent who don't approve. Another 22 percent said they don't know or refused to say what they think of the job she's doing.

"She's doing a fantastic job, standing by the people of Minnesota," said poll respondent Dorothy Cojetin, 74, a retiree from St. Paul. "She's a bright, intelligent woman and I like what she's doing."

Cojetin was among respondents with a favorable view of Klobuchar who noted the fact that she's been a solo senator for most of the year.

"With nobody else there in Washington, she's doing a classy job with what she's been handed," said Bob McClaine, 66, a Holiday store employee from Rosedale.

Among the dissenters is Steve Dodge, an unemployed information technology specialist from Corcoran. "I'm not at all impressed with her," he said. "I've sent letters to her office about some of my concerns -- gas prices, the stimulus package -- and it seems like her answers were very canned."

Klobuchar's approval rating is essentially unchanged since late 2007, the last time it was measured by the Minnesota Poll. The 61 percent approval she registered in that poll was the highest of any Minnesota senator this decade.

Now, as then, Klobuchar is particularly popular among women, older Minnesotans and those with more education.

Not surprisingly, Democrats give Klobuchar far higher marks than Republicans do. But she also gets the endorsement of 57 percent of self-described independents, who outnumber Minnesotans who identify themselves with the major parties.

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