Q: I know 2020 was the final year for the series "Supernatural." Did it end? It just disappeared months ago. Any more episodes?

A: As happened with many shows, production on the series was stalled by the pandemic. Only 13 of the final 20 episodes have aired. Five more finished shooting but, as TVLine.com reported, visual effects and sound still needed work and those departments had shut down. Two other episodes had not been shot as of mid-May. Because of this and other COVID-19 delays, the CW will not officially start a new network season until January. But it will have some fresh programming in the fall, including those remaining "Supernatural" episodes, assuming they have been finished. Then the 2021 lineup will include a new series with "Supernatural" co-star Jared Padalecki: a reworking of the Chuck Norris drama "Walker, Texas Ranger."

All Canadians look alike?

Q: I watch the Hallmark Channel's movies. Two actors, Andrew Walker and Paul Greene, look very much alike. Are they related?

A: Not as far as I can find. But they are both Canadian, as are many Hallmark actors. Between them Greene and Walker have about two dozen Hallmark credits, many of them for Christmas movies.

A crossover conundrum

Q: There is an episode of "Law & Order" called "Baby It's You." The episode never named the offender but I remember an additional episode in which the offender was finally revealed. Do you know why the second episode has never been shown?

A: It has, but not as a "Law & Order" episode. "Baby It's You," from 1997, was the first part of a crossover between "L&O" and "Homicide: Life on the Streets." Baltimore detectives from "Homicide" appeared on "L&O," then stars of the latter series appeared in the "Homicide" episode, also called "Baby It's You." Since the shows are distributed separately, you don't as a rule find "Homicide" mixed with "L&O." But DVD sets of "Homicide" and "Law & Order" have included both parts of this story and other crossovers as extras.

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