Average ticket prices for the Super Bowl climbed past $9,000 on Monday, the day after the NFC championship playoff and less than two weeks out from the big game.

Tickets on StubHub ranged from $4,500 in an upper corner seat to $66,700 for a spot in the Delta Sky 360 Club on Monday afternoon. The average list price clocked in about 13 percent higher than on Friday.

Prices are fluctuating, however. Chris Leyden, content analyst with SeatGeek, said they peaked early on in Sunday’s game between the Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles and began dropping soon after. The average price on SeatGeek, which does not include the Delta club seats, is just over $7,000.

“They haven’t dropped as much as I think many people were suspecting,” Leyden said. “They’re still pretty strong at the moment.”

Monday is a popular day to be buying Super Bowl tickets.

“It’s not uncommon for prices to be at their highest right around when the matchup is set, because that’s when there’s the biggest spike in buying,” Leyden said.

Actual prices could be still higher after accounting for fees and other add-ons.

Leyden said prices will likely fall as the game approaches, though the selection of seats will also shrink.

“Typically what we say is if you feel priced out right now, to just keep checking, because prices will move,” Leyden said.

Minneapolis continues to lead the nation’s metro areas for ticket searches, SeatGeek reported.

The top searches after Minneapolis came from Boston, home of many New England Patriots fans, and New York City. Philadelphia was fourth.

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