Before we get serious about the Patriots and Eagles playing in Super Bowl LII, let's address some pressing issues.

Patriots quarterback informed a semi-wacky, semi-serious media throng that he likes seven-layer dip, tequila and pizza. He reminded everyone who didn't already know that his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is "sexy."

We also learned that while his pop culture game is lacking, he does know that Aaron Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick. 

That's what we got at Opening Night, held in front of a packed house at Xcel Energy Center. Brady held court on an elevated platform, but the hilarity was everywhere. Some of it we understood. Some of it. Well ... 

 At times, we saw how brilliant the players are. Seriously. Can you do this? 

 Patriots linebacker Trevor Reilly, with Minnesota ties, has but one question about the closing of the decades-old Arby's with the iconic sign in Uptown Minneapolis.

"Who has the meats?"

 The Eagles followed the Patriots -- after portions of the Prince tribute and Sheila E. concert were shown via simulcast at the X. 

Not surprisingly, the Eagles were buttoned up than the Patriots, who've made a habit of showing up at this event each winter. 

Quarterback Nick Foles revealed Drew Brees, who went to the same high school as Foles in Texas, gave him some tips about the Super Bowl, but Foles wouldn't say what they were. Foles didn't know any the names of any characters on "Game of Thrones." He stuck to the playbook, which is fine for a first-timer.

Vikings fans who paid to watch this whole show didn't hold anything back, though. They hadn't forgotten about Eagles fans in Philadelphia mocking the Skol chant while shouting "FOLES" during the NFC Championship Game. So Vikings fans got payback when Foles stepped to the podium.

 Najee Goode did concede that I bear a resemblance to Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, so there's that.