Wednesday night I opened up a window in our bedroom to let some fresh air in. Growls of thunder and strobe-flashes of lightning were a bit surreal. I should be tracking frost, not thunderstorms, in October. Low 80s here on Sunday? Considering it could be SNOWING, I’m grateful the warmth is hanging on. A six-month boating season? Amazing.

On average the Twin Cities see at least one day above 80 every October. Back in 2011 the metro had 11.

Unusual late-season warmth is showing up in the atmosphere and the oceans. The soggy remains of Hurricane Joaquin may soak Spain this weekend. Hurricane Oho in the eastern Pacific may reach Sitka, Alaska, as a tropical storm by Saturday. Tropical storms in Alaska? Haven’t seen that before. Interesting — and a bit unsettling.

Expect comfortable sunshine today. We’re looking at mid-70s Saturday, and may come close to the record high of 84 (1930) on Sunday at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Temperatures cool off next week, closer to average — but the GFS model prints out more 60s into late October.